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National Woodland Owner Survey

User Alert:

June 16, 2015: The ratio estimate option (i.e. the option to choose a denominator) is returning incorrect estimates for any ratio involving net growth, mortality, or removals on timberland. Ratio estimates involving net growth, mortality, or removals on forest land are working correctly. Ratio estimates are intended to be restricted to timberland-to-timberland or forest land-to-forest land observations but the restriction is currently malfunctioning for timberland-to-timberland observations. Users may add the following to the numerator and denominator filter boxes to correct for the problem and obtain correct estimates for timberland-to-timberland ratios: and pcond.cond_status_cd = 1 and pcond.reservcd = 0 and pcond.siteclcd in (1,2,3,4,5,6) and cond.cond_status_cd = 1 and cond.reservcd = 0 and cond.siteclcd in (1,2,3,4,5,6).

We are working on the problem and will update the user alert when it is resolved.

The EVALIDator is unable to produce estimates of growth, removals and mortality for multiple inventories when "Trend analysis" is chosen as the row classification variable and the inventories chosen have different sampling designs (i.e., a mix of periodic and annual inventories). In the event that a user inadvertently runs such a retrieval the EVALIDator will return zeroes for the periodic inventories and the correct numbers for the annual inventories. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

FIADB was updated in June 2014 to include the new updated interpretation of the definition of reserved status. All annual data was reanalyzed in accordance with this interpretation and some previously published values have changed as a result. Change estimates were recomputed to account for any modifications. For more details please consult the FIADB User's Guide (

For more information contact any of the following:

Jim Menlove RMRS ( 801-625-5426

Sharon Stanton PNW ( 503-808-2019

Charles Barnett NRS ( 610-557-4031

Carol Perry SRS ( 865-862-2087

The National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS) is the official census of forest owners in the United States. It is aimed at increasing our understanding of woodland owners who are the critical link between forests and society.

Picture of National Woodland Owner Survey booklet.

Summary information from the NWOS is used by people who provide, design, and implement services and policies that affect forest owners including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, including landowner organizations, private service providers, forest industry companies, and academic researchers.

On an annual basis, the NWOS contacts forest-land owners from across the county to ask them questions about:

  • The forest land they own
  • Their reasons for owning it
  • How they use it
  • If and how they manage it
  • Sources of information about their forests
  • Their concerns and issues related to their forests
  • Their intentions for the future of their forests
  • Their demographics

The main features of the National Woodland Owner Survey website are:

The National Woodland Owner Survey is implemented by the Family Forest Research Center, a joint venture between the U.S. Forest Service and University of Massachusetts Amherst

National Woodland Owner Survey Table Maker an on-line tool for generating custom tables.

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