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Data and Tools

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April 11, 2014

  • FIA, in conjunction with the Forest Service Chief Information Office, will be implementing changes to the FIADB structure and data the third and fourth weeks of April. During that time, FIADB and the online tools will remain available; however, the data will consist of a mix of version 5.1 and 6.0 data. The most visible change is in the interpretation of the definition of reserved status. All annual data have been reanalyzed in accordance with this interpretation and some previously published values have been changed. Change estimates have been recomputed to account for any modifications. For more details please consult the FIADB User's Guide (

    For more information contact any of the following:

    Jim Menlove RMRS ( 801-625-5426

    Karen Waddell PNW ( 503-808-2046

    Chuck Barnett NRS ( 610-557-4031

    Carol Perry SRS ( 865-862-2087

  • We expect to correct this problem by late April 2014.
    Thank you for your patience. Please check here for further information and updates.

    March 11, 2014

  • We have discovered an issue in our calculation of sampling error estimates. Currently, sampling error estimates in EVALIDator are only valid when “trend analysis” is selected as the row variable. Population totals and ratio estimates from EVALIDator are valid and are not affected by this error.   Estimates from FIDO are not affected.

  • We expect to correct this problem by late April 2014.  

    Thank you for your patience. Please check here for further information and updates.

  • FIADB 5.1.6 - has been released. You may notice changes in FIADB tables, FIDO, EVALIDator and the DataMart. Some new tables may not contain data until the 2012 field data are processed.

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    Forest Inventory Data Online –
    Create your own forest inventory tables and maps.



    This program allows users to produce a large variety of population estimates and their sampling errors based on the current FIADB.



    Download raw data, Microsoft Access databases, FIADB Users Manuals, and access standard tables and recent data load history.

    Reporting Tools


    Create reports and maps using other online tools, including the Timber Products Output (TPO) Reporting tool, and the National Woodland Owner Survey Table Maker. A link to the Field Sampled Vegetation (FSVeg) pre-processor tool for FIA data.



    Learn how to use our online tools through presentations, example exercises and tutorials. Sign up for the next scheduled training session.



    Contacts for questions or problems.

    To learn more about what types of data that FIA collects and the processes we use, please review the FIA Data Collection Fact Sheets found in the FIA Library.

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