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User Alert:

January 8, 2016: FIDO's Standard Reports is no longer being maintained. If you are experiencing issues, please use the custom reporting tool instead. FIDO's Standard Report option will be discontinued upon future release.

For FIDO, EVALIDator and the DataMart users wishing to know what has recently become available see this page:

September 22, 2015: FIA's DataMart is experiencing problems due to updates to Forest Service servers. The comma-delimited files are fine. The MS-Access files have no data.The Forest Service CIO and FIA are working together to solve this problem. Please check back here for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The EVALIDator is unable to produce estimates of growth, removals and mortality for multiple inventories when "Trend analysis" is chosen as the row classification variable and the inventories chosen have different sampling designs (i.e., a mix of periodic and annual inventories). In the event that a user inadvertently runs such a retrieval the EVALIDator will return zeroes for the periodic inventories and the correct numbers for the annual inventories. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

For more information contact any of the following:

Jim Menlove RMRS ( 801-625-5426

Glenn Christensen PNW ( 503-808-2064

Charles Barnett NRS ( 610-557-4031

Carol Perry SRS ( 865-862-2087

Data and Tools

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Forest Inventory Data Online
Create your own forest inventory tables and maps.



This program allows users to produce a large variety of population estimates and their sampling errors based on the current FIADB.



Download raw data, Microsoft Access databases, FIADB User Guides, and access standard tables and recent data load history.



Download raw urban data, Urban FIADB User Guide

Reporting Tools


Create reports and maps using other online tools, including the Timber Products Output (TPO) Reporting tool, and the National Woodland Owner Survey Table Maker. A link to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) pre-processor tool for FIA data.



Links to Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) and P3 data.



Learn how to use our online tools through presentations, example exercises and tutorials. Sign up for the next scheduled training session.



Contacts for questions or problems.

To learn more about what types of data that FIA collects and the processes we use, please review the FIA Data Collection Fact Sheets found in the FIA Library.

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